Let The Animals Show You Their Wild Side

Animals. Fascinating, Mesmerising and amongst the most loved things on this planet and for this project, they are the central focus.
From Zoological gardens to Safari Parks to the Wilderness, most humans love to see these majestic creatures and are intrigued by the way they live and function.

Sadly however, we are living in an era where animals are in danger of vunerability, held prisoners in captivity and targeted towards extinction.

Why exactly is this related to this work series?

Although this collection is presented as fun, colorful and somewhat silly, it is to explore on what life would be like without humans and what animals could be doing in roles filled by people.
It is somewhat, a zootropolis.

Let the animals be in charge of their own lives and have fun for a change.


An Orangutan, considered to being one of the more popular and adorable species of the ape kingdom, is presented as a bit of an intense business worker.
Their hair, wild, untidy and wispy in reality and very often, their eyes, personally, look somewhat tired / exhausted all the time. As that is how they just look, it just seems to appear that way, as if stressed or exhausted. They could very well be feeling those emotions, however this image is just an interpretation.
Monkey Business, of course is a well-known term, which primarily interprets silliness and nonsense. This picture helps shift the meaning to a different interpretation / context.


The title and the image, is probably very self-explanatory. This is perhaps an old joke, but personally, it's one that hasn't really been seen or heard of often.
Amongst the very first animals to enter space were Fruit Flies, A Rhesus Monkey and a Dog.
Whether or not they were more adapted / closer to human intelligence than a donkey would be, an Ass-tronaut sue was a missed trick. However, for obvious reasons, animals are not to be experimented with or put out of their comfort zones for our needs / entertainment.
However, it is fun and there is no harm in letting the imagination run wild.


This image pretty much depictes itself here. It certainly is a challenging game of ping pong for a seahorse. Why is the image presented underwater? Not 100% sure , however what was more dominant in the thinking process was the amount of limbs that certain animals have. The idea of playing against an octopus, with its 8 limbs and the ability to stretch further than it looks, appeared to be unfair to the mind's eye. However, what how could it be even worse if you were playing an eight legged creature? If you only had one limb to use, hence the seahorse, with its one tail that would have the ability to hold a ping pong bat.


Big Cats in the wildlife are well known for having the most fearsome roars. In this picture for instance, it is a tiger that is depicted as the roaring one. While many people would consider the Lion as the top cat for the roar, it was the toger that could bring more to the table, with its other useful traits. It was a fun idea to include the stripes  of the tiger and present some heavy rock appearance with the,. Almost similar to the band 'KISS'. So here is the Tiger that can certainly roar into the microphone.

There Are More Images On The Way !

This is currently an ongoing project. Future work will be presented once finished.