Light Up The Darkness

This event which was an early Christmas gift from a significant other half, ended up being one of the most memorable and jaw-dropping experiences ever to be had.

The event was 'The Wild Lights' in the Dublin Zoo, a magical night-time walk, interacting with animals of a different kind.
The event featured giant, mesmerising colourful asian lanterns, an asian acrobatic performance show and illuminated animal sculptures inspired by wildlife, all accompanied by asian cuisine.
The idea of walking around a Zoo at night-time was foolish, as the animals would be asleep and kept in the dark, however, the lights brought it to a whole new level.

This light installation tour has been such a success and it ventures around all of the zoological gardens within the UK and Internationally.

The Wild Lights in Dublin took place within the winter at the end of 2017 which made it a perfect magical experience close to Christmas. Making sure that this opportunity was not wasted, the DSLR camera was taken out for this mightily special and magical event.

It may not have been Christmas related, but it sure was a Winter Wonderland.