Write, Shoot, Edit and Export in 10 Hours

What is Cinemasports?

Cinemasports, a group that create events all over the globe for all kinds of filmmakers.
Taking place in primarily film festivals, in this case the 'Belfast Film Festival', filmmakers in attendance (either in teams or individually) are to write, shoot, edit and export a short film within 10 hours.
On the 11th hour, all of the collected films from all of the teams, are projected for all to see.


What was the task set by Cinemasports?

As already mentioned, the teams were to write, shoot, edit and export a short film within 10 hours, however it does not finish there.
In order to make sure that the teams of filmmakers don't cheat, Cinemasports lay down extra rules, by limiting each team to the maximum of 4 people and the film must be created by that team.
Not only that, the film must contain '3 ingredients.'

Wanted For Murder

  • The 3 ingredients that Cinemasports presented on this particular day were:

    - A Photograph
    - A Chase
    - A Flame

    As a team of three, an actor, two filmmakers (including myself) welcomed the challenge of creating a short film from start to finish within 10 hours. Quick, Intense and most importantly fun, the short film was enjoyable to make and it became a great learning experience. Being a part of a project along with other teams, everybody seemed to enjoy each other's work and company.

    The short film that was created was named 'Wanted For Murder.'

Check Out The Video

Using the 3 key ingredients to produce this narrative, the film centres around a young man who throws away an old photograph, only to be picked up by a potential murderer who could find who to murder next.