Look For The Colours

'The World in Black and White'
series focus on the repetitive social norms and the somewhat life problems that we ourselves encounter in society. From one's own perspective and intention, the people are presented in black and white, mainly due to the idea and notion that the people are not exactly living their lives the way they want/meant to.
Their life is dull and grey.

However, as it appears, not all of the drawings are black and white as there are splashes of color introduced. These colors are associated mostly through objects or personalities that we ourselves are drawn to, something that serves as a distraction from the soulless, robotic existence / experience that these individuals confront.

' Holding On '

As children, it could be considered that one of the most exciting things to retrieve while out and about or at a party is simply a balloon. Balloons, being around for many generations sparked joy, desire and fun when seen by a child and personally speaking, when having one, it allows children to experience and learn about different emotions; happiness, fear, sadness, caring and desire.
In opinion, something as simple as a balloon teaches and prepares children for what is to come in their lives. When a balloon is seen, desire is created. When it is first grasped in the hand, happiness. When it is floating away, sadness oozes out. When it pops, fear kicks in. When a child is making sure that it doesn't let anything happen to it, the child learns the importance of caring.
Why is the image of an elderly person and not a child?
The elderly person is the perfect representation of someone who has lived his life because of the lessons learned from a balloon.

' The Beautiful Sound of Music '

Music, a unique collaboration of sounds, noises and voices, hypnotize us aurally while at the same time awakening the power of relaxation or pure adrenaline from deep within each and every one of us. Sounds and Music shift perception and emotions and with this image, music deserve to be seen in a variety of beautiful colours to represent the different sounds that are collaborating together. 

' Secret First Glance '

Playing on the idea of 'Love at First Sight', it is often considered to be wonderfully romantic that two strangers see each other in a busy street, park, room or transport system and both receiving that instant attraction, the famous 'spark' that connects them together, share their life together and never look back. While the traditional approach is not often carried out in modern society today due to the invention of dating sites / apps with pictures to represent each other, it is nice to imagine or dream about the idea. The idea of watching the body language, the facial expressions and the connection driving the two strangers to walk up to each other and strike a conversation was a no-brainer to include in this work series which heavily focus on breaking the everyday, social norm that the world has developed. 

' Stand Out From The Crowd '

The title and the artwork of this piece could be considered pretty self-explanatory, Stand Out From The Crowd. We are in an era where we are told by other people, the media and for some individuals, a higher class person, what to wear, what to look like, how to look like your favorite celebrity/idol etc.
With the latest trend of shoes that everyone must wear, to the funkiest clothes that are demanded by the likes of YouTube stars, therefore there are people with similar / same style of fashion everywhere. The same applies in terms of other mediums.
In the dull, lifeless and robotic world that this series presents, it was important to present a character who looks like they can stand out, simply through the use of colours.

' The Finest Dining '

There are always people that argue between and compare 'fine cuisine' and 'normal food.' It is often argued by some that it costs too much money eating a tiny little piece of food presented on a massive plate or slate, On the other hand, there are those who would argue that it is the art, the presentation and the taste that little piece of food displays / contain. This image portrays both the elegant simpleness, while at the same time poking a little bit of fun at 'fine dining cuisine.' This image also presents the food in colour. Food, the world is crazy about it, not just because it is needed to survive in everyday life, but also the taste, the smell and look of food tempts and satisfies our senses. Generally, we eat when we are hungry after a long day, when we are spending time with loved ones or friends or to celebrate an occasion. Most often, we eat in enjoyment, it is a ritual that breaks up our normal, repetitive daily work routine.

' Time To Recharge '

Coffee, the iconic drink that is grabbed first thing in the morning when heading into businesses and workplaces everywhere. It is incorporated into business people's daily ritual routines, as it is obviously the 'energy drink' to get workers up and starting their day off strong and prepare for the workload throughout their day.
The coffee cup in this image is quite understandably presented as a 'charging port' for tired and exhausted workers. To the business person's eyes, it is the cup of life, something that will change their mental and physical state.

' Old Retro Gaming '

With consoles making an appearance into the world roughly around the 70s / 80s, it was an invention that would have a massive impact on individuals. This image is a little bit of a humourous take on what the young gamers in the past, present and future would be like towards the other end of their life as an elderly individual.
While games are often associated with children and young adults, their fun and enjoyment are due to the games presented to them. This image, suggests that the attitude, behaviour of the individual will never change when playing video games, as most of the actions are carried out subconciously. In a way, the young child is still there in the fully grown human.