The Dark, Gruesome Art for the Short Film 'Saturn' (2018)

What is Saturn?

'Saturn' (2019) is a short horror film, presented by Crystal Ghost Productions, consisted of both myself and fellow colleague/director, Wayne McNamee, along with collaborators and team up of Drawn In Pen Productions.
The film follows a young man, Erwin Montague, and his experience in a hospital that is entirely run by a corrupt and powerful company, Malkam Industries, with staff having to work against their will. 

The Story and Background

The story is set in a society controlled by Pagan Occultists, showing the worst case scenario of globalism. These occultists worship the dark, underworld god 'Moloch' (often portrayed in statue form as a large bull like figure).
According to certain historic/discussed sources, they would often sacrifice their children to him by fire in order to gain prosperity.
Within 'Saturn', Moloch followers have a grip on the modern era, it shows how they have integrated human sacrifice as a part of society by sabotaging the economy. 

What was the role in this film?

Many roles were taken in the development of this short film. As it was primarily a Crystal Ghost Productions film, both Wayne McNamee and myself did quite a lot of the work, with support from Drawn In Pen Productions and other budding filmmakers. However, the main roles that were taken on by myself, were Set Design, Props, Animation / Special FX and Graphic Design.
These roles included the development of the Saturn poster / art, which can be seen below. 

As the film centers around the theme and cult of Moloch, it was pretty hard not to include the somewhat iconic look that is portrayed in the film, which is the Bull's Head.
The prop used in the film is presented artistically in polygon form, which is rather unique on its own, therefore inspiring the artwork to be in the form of polygon art.
As seen from the collection of art, many versions were created to be selected by the crew as the face of the film.

One of the many inspirations / genres that often come to mind when developing film posters, is minimalist poster art. Not often used in the advertising of films in the cinemas, but they are often a good old fashioned favourite nonetheless. It presents a retro, vintage and cool vibe to the viewer and it is often refreshing to see the posters in a different way every now and again.


The final image, which depicts the character Erwin, was originally an experiment of polygon art for a poster idea which ended up being a solution / effect for one of the animated sequences of the actual film, which involves Malkam Industries technology scanning for the identity of the character.