31 Days, 31 Ink Drawings

What Is Inktober?

Inktober, very popular amongst artists around the world, is a month long challenge created by American Illustrator Jake Parker.
The challenge, which takes place during the month of October, focuses on improving skill and developing positive drawing habits for artistic beginners to professionals.
While artists from all around, present their artwork in different styles, digital or traditional art, primarily, but not compulsory, there are rules for the artists to follow.
Illustrators are to follow a prompt list, where each day, a word or in this case 'prompt' is presented and the individual must create a piece of artwork around that word.

(e.g. Day 1 - Spanner)

After creating that piece of artwork, they are encouraged to post it online on that day.
For this challenge, it was decided to follow very closely to the rules, prompts would be followed and also to be done with ink on paper, as Inktober is more or less supposed to be done with Ink and paper.
However, as the rules are loose and flexible, it's to include everyone in on the fun and achieving the 31 day challenge, or whatever pace they can manage.
For the year 2019, Inktober became the first ever challenge and it was done on a blank new sketchbook for the full 31 days.

Bringing Out A New Style

There are many styles that have been produced over the years under NSTracey, some of them similar to each other and some completely different.
For inktober, it seemed like it was best to create a new style for the challenge, it was something new, a challenge never before attempted.
Presenting it cartoonishly, the development and placement of lines were discovered and all of a sudden, a new drawing technique was acquired, a technique that helped portray not just funny images but also images of a more serious note.