A Look Behind The Series 'Sinister Love'

Technology. We are consumed by it. We are married to the likes of our phones / computers. Technology with the latest devices / platforms, assist us greatly and we trust these materials with our lives, giving away the details of our personal lives and our identities.
It could be considered that Technology is a friend to us, in many shapes and forms, when we are in need of one.
It replaces old friends with new friends, whilst also providing a world that we can escape to from our real life problems.
What sounds and feels like a paradise is also a prison for us to be exploited, attacked, addicted, lonely and miserable.
Technology, while it does assist us and provides opportunities, it is a dangerous tool, even in the face of danger. When certain parts of the world are in dangerous situations, technology can assist users into knowing what is going on, however it can also trick them into looking to the other way.

The 'Sinister Love' series is a chance to see technology at its finest horror, with hidden symbolism and how it negatively affects human life. However, not all of the images are necessarily about technology or it being the negative source. There are other images that sort of challenge society's way of thinking. It can also be about certain theories / issues that we have come to believe or become scared of and by presenting those in art form could help portray the sinister side of things.
However, as there is artwork focusing on technological devices, there are images that also show how people use technology as their weapon to inflict pain and damage upon other people, both mentally and physically.
Personally speaking, it is a recurring issue, which is getting stronger and stronger, many users have noticed this, however many of them find it difficult to break away from the addiction and the habit.


The Tooth Hurts, can be pretty self-explanatory when looking at the image.
Without any knowledge of Dental Surgery, for most people, its easy to assume whether or not patients are easily scammed as there is not much evidence or knowledge about it to argue.
The use of dental tools strikes terror in the hearts of patients everywhere.
Teeth, quite often are one of the most carefully looked after parts of the body. A winning smile, is what most people tend to achieve in almost every one of their photos. Also with the consumption of food that we know ourselves are bad for the teeth, yet the food addiction is hard to ignore and later on, we face the consequences of our actions, which result in teeth problems and at the same time, financial problems.


What with the latest technology and little private virtual worlds that everybody escape to, the computer / laptop are our servant, our 'friend' that assist us.
However, as the users rely so heavily on this form of a device, it does become addictive and sooner or later, we are trapped in a tight bond / a marriage, hard to divorce from. Quite like the later image of this series, of the television, the media platform seduces you by giving you everything, showing you a whole new world, connecting you with 'friends', helping with studies and work.


With the latest streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, many users are having the luxury of watching films and TV Shows in the comfort of their home. Overtime, most users have developed 'Binge-Watching'of the latest / favorite television series.
The Binge-watching craze has often led us to being transfixed on the screen, watching one episode after another and what with the film / television industry making countless numbers of shows and films, there is no sign of slowing down or whether it will stop. Spending so many hours with the eyes glued to the screen, the viewers take on a zombie like state, each episode ending leaving you wanting more, quite like a zombie wanting more food for consumption.


Its hard to walk into a cafe / public place and either ask for Wi-Fi or hear someone else ask for it.
As nearly every mobile user does not want their phone bill to come sky high because of the data usage, they crave and almost receive 'cold turkey' for Wi-Fi, they take on the traits of an addict, with a virtual, connective drug. While the world survived without the use of technology and Wi-Fi, this connective drug have hit the streets, its pure, its strong and the best, its so addictive and relied upon that its getting harder and harder for the junkie to recover It is hard to go back to the way things have been, therefore in a sense, it is hard to know where or what the rehabilitation centre is.



When a couple get married, there is the famous question often asked by the minister / priest / vicar: 'Do you promise to love each other, till death do you part?'
For a clergy / religion, personally it is an interesting question to ask, from speakers who often talk about reconnecting with loved ones in the after life. Why does death separate the love?
For this image, the dead people / skeletons challenge this question by staying connected after death.


Similarly to the 'I Can Show You Everything' image, users are addicted to the technology through blogging sites, online shopping and social media. This image has two meanings. Firstly, information overload. Information overload, is often caused by mobile devices / computers / websites, along with other mediums, the brains inside each and every one of us, are struggling to keep up with the amount of information that we process a day. Eventually, we need a break to clear our heads.
Secondly, the impact that social media inflict on our mind. The impact that often triggers depression and lower self-esteem.


With the invention of television in 1927 and its rise in the 1950s, it has changed the lifestyle and living routine of society in the 20th Century into the 21st Century. Roughly 79% of the global population have at least 1 television within the household. The Television set, a seductive media platform that absorbs the attention from the minds of the inhabitants, when sitting in the room with one, it is almost impossible to not turn it on. 
The television hypnotizes the viewer through its presentation of television shows, films and above all advertisements. It entertains you, it feeds your mind with information and subliminally tries to sell you products. It tempts the viewer, draws them in. It seduces you


As can be derived from the image and the title, this could be considered the most sinister aspect of technology and of this art series.
It is a very unfortunate and nightmarish effect that young children / adults undergo when they are made targets of violently / sexually abusive predators. This action is so easily done, without thinking about the circumstances that these 'wonderous devices' can bring.
With the latest social media site / app, users are still able to conceal their identity and get away with actions that are often hard to track in most circumstances.
The cyberspace is often considered a digital paradise, a world that individuals can escape to, however it is also a world that people can get trapped in and before they know it, the nightmare becomes physical. Every good thing has a dark side. Be Safe! Be Aware!