A quick look into the quicker doodles.

Doodles are very common in the world today, found in notebooks, school books, reading books, on walls, tables and even exam papers.
Quite a lot of people are either addicted or subconsciously involved in this ritual and often the results are surprising and even mysterious to the creators as doodles can be anything when you drag your pencil/pen in unusual directions.

Rather than abandoning the Doodles and leaving them within the sketchbook as their prison, they will be presented here either the way they are on paper or cleaned up digitally.
Quick Doodles will center on a theme, an issue (that is thought of at the time of creating), a story/occurrence within a dream or will just exist for no particular reason, like in most cases in the art of doodling.

' #LOVE '

The first quick doodle to kick off the series. Fresh off on finishing 'The World In Black and White' and 'Sinister Love' series, the drawing style and the message behind both of the series were still strong in the mind, therefore developing this artwork about love being ignored.
Personally speaking, it is quite often seen with couples that at least one of them are more obsessed with their mobile device than the other and somehow they take the time to communicate with their friends / check out cool stuff or even post an image of their dates out on social media to get likes, rather than live in the moment in the real world. While this statement could be argued, this image reflects on missed opportunities, therefore the mobile user is more preoccupied with a trend on her phone to notice the date's professing his love to her.


Still fresh off the 'World In Black and White' and 'Sinister Love' series, this image like the  ' #Love ' image, challenge the way people use their phones. Some may argue that it is an addiction, or that there may be emergencies that they need to look out for, however, the one thing it appears / believes to be useful for is to appear less awkward and not having to make small-talk with strangers in public.
Henceforth, this image portrays the physically unsocial behaviour / habit that society has come to live with, by using the perfect scene that this action is often carried out, a party.
By taking examples of past experience, these individuals are more pre-occupied on bending the truth about their party just to show off their 'fun nights' to their online followers / friends. Anything to gain likes or appear awesome in the virtual world.

There Are More Images On The Way !

This is currently an ongoing project. Future work will be presented once finished.