Looking Closely at the Prop Designs for
Saturn (2018)

Prop Design

Like most films, there are always the need for theatrical properties, they assist with telling a story, provide a background story / information about the location / the characters or even the situation that the narrative is reflecting on.
Saturn was agreed that it would be full of props. A short film having such a big historic background and a big story, it was able to be condensed into a shorter timeframe, thanks to the development of the following props.

The Posters

When entering into a hospital, it is almost impossible not to see a poster / flyer on the wall that advertises helplines for victims / people suffering or health related issues.
The presentation of the flyers mostly seem to posess a similar style, big text talking to the viewer as if they are speaking in person, big picture of someone in that issue or a person that the text anchors on, followed closely by the helpline details.

However, there are still posters that include artwork, and present themselves in a more different tone. Personally speaking, the helpline pictures tend to ask questions and make you consider help, wiith the assistance of a portrait to make you more comfortable and at ease.
The artwork, on the otherhand generally tell / shout at you on what to do;
Whilst generally these are for the well-being of the individual and others, it's easy for the viewer to follow.

As can be seen from the above hospital posters, they are fake posters, but the similarity, style and the forceful presentation remains the same. At a quick glance, it appears helpful and looking out for the well-being of the reader, however, by looking deeply into the images, Malkam Industries' message could not appear more sinister. They are hiding their wickedness in plain sight. The actual message that they are sending out is so subliminal, it tricks the reader into contacting them and once Malkam Industries got them, there is no going back.

The Malkam Industries Passes

Also seen in hospitals are the passes that the medical staff are required to wear. Normally, passes shows the identification of the owner/holder, however in this circumstance, it is clear that there is no photographic I.D or name. The reason being is that Malkam Industries are very secretive and careful, this could be as a precaution so as not to be easily overthrown by the population and the mass with their information.
Therefore with the barcode, which obviously would be used to scan, hold all of the key information about that particular staff member.


With a big business like Malkam Industries, obviously the staff would be required to wear a uniform. In this particular case, the only staff members that are involved in this short film, are the security guards and a Doctor.

Doctors are generally distinctive and easy to spot with their traditional iconic white lab coat, it was obvious that the character would be sporting one for this film.
Also, coats always tend to have the hospital logo / insignia embroidered or printed on to the chest section of the coat, therefore the logo of Malkam Industries was to be embroidered on a white lab jacket / coat.
As can be seen from the picture on the left, the coat has the logo embroidered on the chest part of the coat along with a medical staff pass on the other side.
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Security guards are often just as stereotypical and easy to spot like Doctors in terms of clothing. However, they generally tend to wear black, neat and almost police like uniform, accompanied by Radio mics and in some cases, guns.

For the hospital setting, it came to the decision that the security guards wouldnt be wearing too much layers or sporting big weapons, as Malkam Industries do not want the society know that they are hiding something or raising questions as to why they would need those kind of guards, whereas these security guards, with just polo shirts, a cap and a standard handgun in their holster, its showing safety and professionalism whilst not looking too suspicious.

Again, like the Doctor's coat, security guards t-shirts were embroidered with the Malkam Industries logo.
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