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Short Films / Documentaries

In spare time or when giving a helping hand, certain roles were / are taken to contribute to making an overall interesting and exciting film / documentary. Check out the background of the short films / documentaries helped out with or created personally, along with a chance to see the finished film.

Animation / Special FX

With a passion in bringing certain impossible things to life to help build the story and helping the film appear strong visually, animation and special effects are sure fun and worthwhile to see after working on them. Check out some of the special effects.

Graphic / Prop Design

A very exciting process to help with film production, the Graphic and Prop presentation is a helpful way of telling the story, promoting / advertising the film and also providing a some sort of hidden world in the narrative that contain these unique, never seen before products.

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   Malkam Industries Company Logo Reveal The fake big business in the short film 'Saturn' (2018) receives an animated logo reveal to present a professional, yet subliminally evil message.
The Signing Of The Document SFX One of the digital Special FX animation for Saturn (2018)
The Signing Of The Document SFX 
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