A Dark Series collaboration with The Daily Bruise

What is The Daily Bruise?

The Daily Bruise is a Special FX makeup company run by the very talented MUA (Make-Up Artist) Denise Donnelly.
From Zombie, injury and bloody Gore FX to beauty fashion and wedding make-up, this business has it all.
The Daily Bruise spends most of its time working on film sets, photography studios and in client houses, turning their customers into believable roles for a film narrative, a realistic fantasy creature or even just for a halloween character for fancy dress parties.
The Daily Bruise has a wide selection of bloody gory talents such as infected pus spots, deep wounds and bruises.

What did the client need?

Denise Donnelly, a very good friend of Crystal Ghost Productions (a production company created by myself and Wayne McNamee) was in need for some photographic images and a collaboration of ideas, to show off new makeup skills for her social media and website.
Having own a collection of black lights and neon paints, I presented my idea of doing a black light photography session and the Daily Bruise was ecstatically on board with the idea, closely followed by some gory / grotesque roles outside the idea of Black Lights, along with the help of the photoshop skills to enhance the images.

The Vice In The Dark Series

The Vice in the Dark Series involved ALOT of materials and time to present the very unusual and dark outcome of each image.
First off was the experimental portraits, involving the use of neon paints and black lights, the ideas that were thought of were vast.

The Gory Side

'Vice In The Dark' did not only consist of images involving glow in the dark paints, but also the use of latex, fake blood and a tiny bit of digital manipulation through Photoshop.
While there are fun and endless possibilities to try out in the dark with Neon Paints, there are more realistic and terrifying ways to present things in the dark and that of course is carried out in the other side of the project. The Gory Side

Alpha Twin's 'Ecstasy' Music Video

With the success of the Glowing Skull in the Vice In The Dark Series and being able to capture experimental footage of the work. The project went from being an experimental idea to a potential music video idea. The band that was experimented on was none other than Alpha Twin.

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