A Taste Of An Ice-Cream Brand

What Is Harbour Ice-Cream?

Harbour Ice-Cream is a brand prototype presented towards a family orientated audience, perfect for travellers/tourists at holiday destinations.
With 7 flavours to choose from, the ice-cream is vibrant, tasty and fun.

Why Was This Project Created?

From a successful job interview with a Foodservice Company, a task was put forward to create an Ice-Cream brand that the company could potentially present to its customers and through its shop outlets.
The company is a family owned business that is located up in the coast of Northern Ireland. The Ice-Cream Brand was to represent those traits.

With 7 flavours to present, the tasked flavours were:

Madagascan Vanilla
Intense Chocolate Noir
Decadent Honeycomb
Strawberries and Cream
Matcha Green Tea
Peanut Butter
Salted Caramel
Vegan Vanilla Bean (Vegan Option)



Ice-Cream, to many consumers, is fun, delicious and brings out the best and positive attitude in people when eaten. Therefore the presented prototypes were to be unique, fun and visually attractive to the human eye.


Overall the task was:

- A Brand Name with Logo
- Packaging Designs
- Social Media Content Design Examples
- Website Homepage Mockup
- 20 second promo video

Check Out The Promo Video