Designing The Bright Umbrella

Who was the client?

The client was a man who religiously followed the works and history of William Shakespeare. It came as no surprise that this client would be the head and founder of a drama society charity group.
The Drama group named 'The Bright Umbrella Drama Company' is a charity that welcomes actors from all backgrounds and from all ages, visiting schools and activity centres to include the young children / adults by teaching the social norms and literature.
Also too, they like to inspire the young people to consider working in the art of drama and theatre.
Most of the performances the group take on include the literary works of (funnily enough) Shakespeare, quite often set in a modern setting.


What was discussed and needed?

The project was to be consisted of many things, an eclectic of media platforms including Graphic Design, Videography and Animation.
Certain work were to be for the overall theatre group, such as logo design whereas the rest were for a performance show that was to be presented in a weekend arts festival. This collection of requests involved poster design (advertising the play), video recording the event and finally animated special effects to be projected on to the screen holographically alongside the actors.
The play that was being performed was a modern day interpretation of Shakespeare's classic 'Macbeth.'
Due to the client's budgetary reasons as a charity and also due to time constraints, most of the project unfortunately never lifted off the ground.

The Logo Design

As many people would agree, Logos would need to look sleek, modern and attractive to the eyes of the customers. Many logos take on different styles, colours and unusual artwork. There has been an absolute surge in minimalist logos and text for most businesses today. From what it appears, Drama Theatres seem to mostly have that style for their logos and that was the decision in the end for this drama theatre group after looking over the many prototypes with the client.

With a title like 'The Bright Umbrella Drama Company', it was almost impossible to not include the image of an umbrella. The term bright also included the no brainer action of including attractive and bright colours to present the image of the umbrella in.

The Final Prototype

After many many bright and colourful prototypes, one caught the client's eye and was chosen to become the final design. It was referred as crisp, clean, clear and it carried the company's interest out well.
However, along with the other projects set out by the charity, the overall design was unfortunately discontinued due to budgetary reasons.