A quick look downstream at the Riverside Theatre.

The Riverside Theatre

First opened in 1976, the fifth largest professional theatre, located on the campus of the Ulster University in Coleraine, was undergoing an eventual renovation. The Riverside Theatre was recently having an eclectic mix of changes including logo change, programme updates and even building restructuring.
The Theatre, very well known to being an established venue, featuring performances from all over the UK, Europe and North America, performances by bands, ballet schools, alongside operas, children's shows, drama plays and many, many more.

What was needed?

A woman in charge of the Riverside Theatre, approached a fellow filmmaker friend about videowork and when he was asked about animation work, I was recommended and was thankful to take on the project.
The project in question was creating 2D animation work centering around the newly fresh Riverside Theatre logo. Of course other examples of animated logos were provided as examples of what the theatre was looking for. However, the examples provided were excellently put together, but failed to have relevance to a theatre.

When discussing more about the project, it was agreed that it should be simple, elegant and professional as that were the vibes that the newly renovated Theatre was giving.
When given the creativity program plan discussing the fonts used, color shades/numbers and the merchandising / advertising product appearance, it became clear on what the animation must possess.
A rough mockup of an animation video was provided to give a rough idea to how it will look and to see what could be change or whether it could go in a different direction.

Mockup Example

This rough prototype, helped get a starting point on what the theatre was looking for, the use of colour was agreed (with less grey), however while they liked the way it was animated, it was agreed that it was a bit too geometric for the overall theatre look. However, they liked where the project was heading.

The New Design

When thinking of the name Riverside Theatre , an idea sprang to mind, as the term Riverside  would be associated with water / a flowing river, it was almost impossible not to include some form of liquid text.
By using less grey and still using the source colours of the creativity programme, the animation worked out nicely, using the theme of water, still looking professionally. As the riverside logo was focusing on the unusual placement of the V, the V had to be the centre of attention.