Change our way of thinking to achieve our goals.

Who is Paul Tracey and what is the Consulting?

As can be seen from the surname 'Tracey', this client is a family member, an uncle.
Paul Tracey is a coach and facilitator that provides sessions for people, living in the worlds of Selling, Persuading and Negotiating, to help focus on their mindset and skill set to reach their vision and success.
Whether it is overcoming anxieties, life struggles or getting back to normalcy after a traumatic experience, Paul encourages people to tap into their mindset and provide a different path of thinking for people to take.

What was the project?

Like most businesses, they require videography to help explain what the business is, their goal and their outcome in a matter of minutes.
Being one of the first ever clients, Paul expressed an interest in a series of video work to assist him in explaining the topics of the mindset, which is quite a big subject to understand / explain. 

Paul Tracey Consulting Videos

The videos produced were intended to be presented almost like a YouTube / professional vlog that are often seen in the self-help, step guides and motivational videowork by other NLP / mindpower professionals/vloggers. 

The Mindset

In this video, Paul explains what the mindset is. The mindset is how we can put our minds to certain things, how can we shift the behaviour, the attitude that we have, whether it is reflexive attitude or due to negative circumstances, from a negative to a positive or in other words, changing your path to reach a new goal. 

Belief and Motivation

By providing his background history on working in a bank and setting forth his motivational plan to consult people, Paul discusses how he uses the power of 'motivation', to leave his job to do something that he truly loves and pushes himself beyond his 'limit' and how everyone else can do the same if they have that motivated belief.

The Logo

  • Like most logos, there is always a reason or a story behind the image and Paul, in this video, explains why he picked the unusual, colourful and slightly chaotic logo for Paul Tracey Consulting. A logo that actually becomes obviously understandable once you get the message behind it.