Exploring 'Opportunity, Choice and Inclusion' in the Induction Video of the Cedar Foundation.

What is the Cedar Foundation?

Cedar delivers a range of services that enable people with disabilities to get the most out of life and to be fully included in their communities. Their services are centered on the individual needs of each individual, and these services are delivered throughout Northern Ireland. Cedar, made up of multiple teams of service users and officers, take it upon themselves to challenge poor practice and seek service improvements. 
In doing so, they communicate with managements, service users, staff and external agencies to achieve their goal into getting the people with disabilities a right career path and not to be excluded from the workplace / working society.

What was created for the Cedar Foundation?

The project carried out to contribute to the work and message of the charity, an induction video was created for the Cedar Foundation.
The video, showing the offices of Cedar, animated graphics and messages from the officers, helps make that message become stronger.
The main speaker of the induction video, Chief Executive Stephen Matthews OBE, expresses a message to not only those who are actively associated with Cedar but also to all of those that the charity affects with its vision to deliver a society that is equally accessible to every man, woman and child no matter what their circumstance.

Motion Graphics

Like most corporate videos, having animated info-graphics generally do help get the message across as it is often the case that viewers are more likely to remember information visually as opposed to aurally. 
With the information being animated out for the viewer along with the commentary, not only is it more likely to sink in but also it helps break up the information overload from the speaker (s).

I was delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Nicholas during a recent video shoot. He, along with his colleagues showed their teamwork, professional approach and great insight to the needs of our organisation was so impressive. I couldn't recommend him highly enough and look forward to working with Nicholas and his colleagues in the future.
Stephen Mathews OBE

Chief Executive at The Cedar Foundation

Let Cedar tell you what they do

Learn what Cedar has to say from this induction video, through the speakers, the commentary and the animation, the way Cedar works within the workplace and the busy workplace of society.