A close look at Alpha Twin's
'Let's Stay Home and Get High'


The Guys Behind The Name

There were three people that once came up with an idea to join together and show the world the stories, emotions and the music that exist within them and by doing that, they became a band and that band would be named ‘Alpha Twin’. The three members were ‘Tomas Fisher’ (Guitar/Vocals) , ‘Eoin Bannon’ (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals) and ‘Andrew Mullin’ (Drums).
When it comes to music videos, most musicians want to make sure that their video is very memorable and that it contributes to making their song more unique/enjoyable. For that, it was important to make sure that it would be exciting.

What was requested and what is the song about?

This isn't the first time that a project has been created for the 3 piece rock band. Fresh off the first project which was the music video for their hit single 'Ecstasy', they are eager for more future music videos. The next project, currently in production, is going further into the experimentation practice that made their first video a hit, only this time, animation is brought into the game.
For this project, the music video will be a mixture of live footage and animated sequences.

Let's Stay Home and Get High

The single presented, is the hard core rock band's more personal, deeper and gentler song out of the wide selection of pumped up rock.
Written and sung by the bass guitarist Eoin Bannon, the song is to reflect on the love and the enjoyment of each one another's company between two lovers / a couple and not being distracted by anything else.

The music video, which originally was going to consist of just the band's performance, however, when presenting the opinion to the band, that the video should focus on what the message the song is giving by adding a visual story, the idea was taken on board.
However, to make it more personal and experimental, the idea is to still present the band but in animated form in the surroundings of the couple in the story. An example of which, is the band playing in a television, in a poster etc to show that the couple listen to Alpha Twin and are big fans.


The Video for Alpha Twin's 'Let's Get High' Music Video is currently in production.

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