The Invitations that flew across the globe

Cinemagic Invites You To


What is Cinemagic?

Cinemagic, an award winning charity designed for and by young people in the UK and Ireland breaking through in their career path in the medium of Film and Television.
By providing film screenings, masterclasses, filmmaking projects and activities, Cinemagic is able to educate the young children / adults the ways of the film industry and motivate / inspire them to pursue the career of their dreams or to tell a visually beautiful engaging story.
Annually, Cinemagic bring young people from Northern Ireland to Los Angeles to meet the stars of Hollywood and the big industry representatives from the likes of Warner Bros and The Academy.

What was requested by Cinemagic?

Word of mouth of the graphic design skills were brought to the attention of the Chief Executive of Cinemagic, Joan Burney Keatings MBE during a Cinemagic short film production. The design skills were brought to light through one of the roles in this film, Production Design. This role required the presentation of the sets and the development of the fake products for the short film 'Delicate Things' (2016).
Click here to read more about the behind the scenes of the award winning short film. During the film production, the Chief Executive requested to have invitations designed for the premieres of the short film taken place in both Belfast and Los Angeles.

The Invitation Prototypes

When given a chance to update the presentation of the original invitation template, which appeared outdated, firstly it was important to understand what direction Cinemagic would like to go. To help with their decision, a few mockup designs were provided that could become the new face of the invitations. The style chosen would be the template for future invitations, with a new occasional presentation every now and again to change things up.
As the Cinemagic logo is generally presented in red and white, understandably these colours would need to go in. With a name like Cinemagic, the idea of providing magical elements within the invitations were worth trying out.

Along with that, the images to be included would have needed to consist of film industry professionals, young children and the teamwork that the children share on film sets. It is after all a charity programme / festival about young people and their passion for film and television.

Check Out The Prototypes Below For

Grace and Goliath Invitation

Tickets For The World Premiere of 'Grace and Goliath'

Along with the newly designed invitations for Cinemagic's world premiere of 'Grace and Goliath' in LA, the tickets for the UK premiere in Belfast, Northern Ireland were also in development. The premiere which took place in the SSE Arena / Odyssey Arena in Belfast, was to be carried out across multiple screens due to a high demand and wide audience. Due to this, tickets were needing to be developed to assist with the large numbers in different screens.

*This part of the project was cancelled mid process, due to a demand in consistency from the distribution company, please see the last design below*