Creating Magic With Paints


The Guys Behind The Name

There were three people that once came up with an idea to join together and show the world the stories, emotions and the music that exist within them and by doing that, they became a band and that band would be named ‘Alpha Twin’. The three members were ‘Tomas Fisher’ (Guitar/Vocals) , ‘Eoin Bannon’ (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals) and ‘Andrew Mullin’ (Drums).
When it comes to music videos, most musicians want to make sure that their video is very memorable and that it contributes to making their song more unique/enjoyable. For that, it was important to make sure that it would be exciting.


What Was The Project and What Was The Idea?

As already may have guessed, the project was a music video, which was to be presented on an unusual and exciting idea.
Having collaborated with Denise Donnelly, from ‘The Daily Bruise’, just a couple of days before the filming, on a photography project 'Vice In The Dark' that used the same traits, the mind was already made up. The music video was to be presented in glow in the dark, uv paints.
With the creation and success of a glow in the dark skull from the 'Vice In The Dark' photoshoot, the same approach to the band would contribute to them ‘standing out’ and offer a somewhat ‘haunting’, while at the same time creating a ‘mesmerising’ effect. Of course, bringing back our long time collaborator, Denise, was a no brainer, doing what she does best.




From their album 'Keeping It Real', Alpha Twin's 'Ecstasy' to this day is their most played and popular song. The music video is also their most viewed video to date.
For their very first music video, the fans sure seemed to appreciate it enormously, complimentingon the cool effects and the characteristics of each band member.

The band were very pleased with the result that another music video is currently being in production for their hit single 'Let's Get High' where the experiment goes to new heights by taking the form of old school animation.

Check Out The Music Video and experience the Ecstasy

Watch the unusual, highly well received and hard rocking music video for Ecstasy. Skulls in the dark, in all kinds of colours, watch where the neon paints bring you.