Creating The Face Of The Short Film

What is Delicate Things?

Blinded by grief, a man vows to avenge his wife's killer. Only his young, sensitive son can save his dad from the enveloping darkness of revenge.
Delicate Things is a Cinemagic short film created by the young people of the festival / charity along with Film industry professionals. Through the training academy programme that Cinemagic provided, the young people were able to take part in masterclasses given by award winning producers and directors, activities and a chance to experience life on set with industry workers of film and television.
Delicate Things was one of the short films that Cinemagic produced through the training scheme.

What Cinemagic had requested?

Having been discovered for graphic design skills through the role of Production Design on set, the Cinemagic staff team were generous enough to supply future tasks and projects in a more promotional approach and on a more global scale, long after the release of 'Delicate Things' (2016).
Along with the Delicate Things Premiere Invitations , the chief executive Joan Burney Keatings MBE had requested the poster of the short film to be created, along with postcards to be handed out at the film premiere events.
They were to be presented as some sort of a leaflet / promotional flyer for the guests to know about the film.

The Poster

Posters, generally for films, are the key to take the people's interest in the film(s). From heavily edited / photoshop manipulated images to simple stunning photography, posters are presented in all kinds of way.
Big budget fantasy films get really creative whereas indie realism films get artistic and mysterious.

For small budget indie realism films, the posters come across as basic, yet effective. Depending on the film, it is presented as either a still photograph / image or a collage of images of different characters / scenes of the film.

The poster included three images of the main characters of the film, the main characters being the son Mikey and the father Jonathan.
While there were other characters in the film, it was important to show the relationship and the story of the duo, after all that is the main premise of the story.
These main characters were brilliantly portrayed by James Stockdale and Ciaran McMenamin, with the help of supporting actors in the film Paula Malcolmson and Roma Tomelty.