Looking at the Delicate Props for Cinemagic's 'Delicate Things' (2016)

How The Idea Came About

As discussed in the 'Inviting You to the Premiere with Cinemagic' section; the graphic design skills were brought to the attention of the Chief Executive of Cinemagic, Joan Burney Keatings MBE. This happened through the development of the fake products for the short film 'Delicate Things' (2016)

The role originally taken in the film crew was 'Trainee Director', however by producing fake products and having an eye for detail on set, another position was created with the assistance of a fellow crew member, which was 'Production Design.'

Production Design proved to be a very exciting role to take on, especially with skills already learned that were a massive contribution to it.

What is Delicate Things about and what was created?

Blinded by grief, a man vows to avenge his wife's killer. Only his young, sensitive son can save his dad from the enveloping darkness of revenge.

As Delicate Things is a story presented in a somewhat realistic approach and setting, the props and surroundings had to be presented in a normal, everyday life approach.
The film locations were: A Family House, A Shop, A River and A Street. As it would appear, most of the work was going to go into the locations of the house and the shop. Therefore, household objects and shopping material / decoration were essential.
The shop location received most of the work as can be seen from the examples below.


Interested In Hearing More About The Film?

Interested in hearing more about the general topics on the behind the scenes of Delicate Things? Click on the video to see what some of the young people of Cinemagic had created showcasing the work and dedication that the film crew provided.

From the Stars of the Short Film to the Crew, to the Young People discussing their experience, their time on set and what they achieved through the development of the film.

Any Items you are looking for today?

Shopping products. Of course, there are countless items to be seen in markets, supermarkets and newsagents, it was a no-brainer that merchandising products were the main focus of the whole production in this role.

The products added fun and presented a subliminal flair for the crew, as each product created, was named after a certain crew member.
The waiting game was played; who was the first person to notice and how long it took for the whole crew to realise. On a film set, it is easy to be unaware of certain things, but the whole crew managed to notice.

The House Products

The house, as already mentioned, did not require as much attention as the shop. Mostly because the shop products could be used as they are from the market that they attend.
However, non-merchandising products included normal household items such as furniture etc. In regards to Graphic Design, an emergency prop-making job was required, which was the photo of the wife / mother. As the prop department did not require a staged picture of her, a digitally manipulated picture from scratch was required.

Campbell's Local

One of the major responsibilities as Production Designer, was to present a look for the local shop in the film, a somewhat small, family owned grocery store appearance.
The pivotal point of the narrative, revolves around the character of the wife / mother and a horrific incident in a shop, therefore the store's presentation was vital to the visual style of the film.
The name and creation of Campbell's Local, was the first project to come up with for the film, as the writer's name is Maire Campbell, by giving a nod to the person who had created the story, the name Campbell's Local was placed for the store.

Concept Art for Campbell's Local

The store used for the building of Campbell's Local was actually a Butcher shop in the village of Dunmurry in Belfast. As the director had an eye on a bigger store, which turned out to be a supermarket chain, and was also un-co-operative, it was suggested to him with plans that the Butcher's store would look closer to a 'local grocery shop' than the big chain supermarket would. After discussing on the spot, about the plans on how to make the location look less of a Butcher's shop, the concept work was provided to give an idea of what the place would look like, as can be seen in the image (s).

The Posters for Campbell's Local

Its hard to go into a shop / store without seeing posters / advertising on the latest products or sale offers and to present a local store in a film like this, it would be a ludicrous idea not to put any in.
As the story was originally about a working class family living in a working class area, the impression given in the discussions during pre-production was that the shop should somewhat reflect that.
Therefore, the idea was to present the advertising / posters in a certain light where they were good, but not amazing or perfect, as if the advertising and designs were bought cheaply / at a low rate by the owner of the store.

The Picture For The Memorial Shrine

What turned out to be probably one of the most challenging tasks to create for the film was the development of the shrine picture of the character Louise. After the propmaster having no luck capturing a picture of the actress in the police uniform before she left to go back to Los Angeles mid shoot, there was the problem of presenting the key object that the story revolves around. By providing assistance of the graphic design / digital imaging skills, the project became an all-nighter job to become the prop which was to be used the following day.
A series of images were taken either by contacts or members of the crew to combine to give the overall image presented.

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