Following the busy stars in TV3 Studios / Virgin Media Entertainment

What is Cinemagic?

Cinemagic, an award winning charity designed for and by young people in the UK and Ireland breaking through in their career path in the medium of Film and Television.
By providing film screenings, masterclasses, filmmaking projects and activities, Cinemagic is able to educate the young children / adults the ways of the film industry and motivate / inspire them to pursue the career of their dreams or to tell a visually beautiful engaging story.
Annually, Cinemagic bring young people from Northern Ireland to Los Angeles to meet the stars of Hollywood and the big industry representatives from the likes of Warner Bros and The Academy.

What is TV3?

TV3 is a big production studio based in Dublin, Ireland, following breakfast morning shows, news reports, live debates, showbiz gossip, fashion, weather forecasting and sports.
Only recently it has been brought under new management of Virgin Media, TV3 studios still continue to produce shows under Virgin Media Entertainment Ireland. The shows include Midday, Xposé, The Tonight Show and 3 News. It now includes multiple broadcasting services such as Virgin Media 1, 2 & 3, alongside Virgin Media Sports and Kids.
TV3 / Virgin Media Entertainment were contacted by Cinemagic (Dublin Office) to contribute to an exciting project for a special promotional event.

Cinemagic At TV3

With TV3 studios and one of the Cinemagic offices based in Dublin, Ireland, the video was to be filmed down South, with Irish youngsters Jake O'Loughlin and Faye Dunlop. Both actors portray Junior presenters going about their busy day interacting with the star presenters of TV3, as they would if actually working there.

What was it all for?

As Cinemagic is a festival / charity helping children find their feet / career path in the world of Film and Television, it is of course important for them to keep sending out that message and continue to show young children / adults how to get there. This was part of Cinemagic's programme titled
'Inspiring the next generation of film and television professionals'
for the Cinemagic Dublin Festival.

The Video for Cinemagic At TV3 Studios

Without further ado, check out the video starring the Junior Presenters Faye Dunlop and Jake O'Loughlin as they go about their busy day, working with all of the other staff / presenters at TV3 Studios in Dublin, Ireland.