Presenting Mobile Health Check With Clinishare

What is Clinishare?

Clinishare, creator of the virtual, digital service system ' Clinisent ', is a company built to ensure that the individuals health data can be shared with the clinical professionals intended, in a safe, secure, and anonymous approach.
Clinishare, a very experienced group of medical doctors and C.E.O’s of various companies in Clinishares private offices, drive their expertise to produce this revolutionary worthy prototype. The prototype, that is to connect the medical patients with the medical professionals within the comfort of the patients home with a mobile device, sure to turn some heads in the world of medicine. Not only would it be beneficial to the users in their own space, it also allows a chance for medical staff to feel connected to their patients rather than just treating them like subjects.

What was needed?

The project that this business had was only a prototype that would have needed funding in order to see it right through to the finished overall product.
The project was to be presented in front of a funding party to consider whether or not it was worth investing in.
While the company had the website, the team, the technology and the business plans to present to the funding party, the only thing left to complete the package was a funding promotional video.
The video was to present this up and coming company that aspires to use technology to vastly improve the obsolete forms of communication currently being used in hospitals and also improve the relationship between medical practitioners and patients with its unique information sharing app.

Andrew Cuthbert, founder and former CEO of Clinishare, gathered a team of doctors and marketing individuals and together they believed that to make things more beneficial and more direct, between the patients and their medical doctor, was to design 'Clinisent' which was to 100% ensure that the data sent between the patient and the doctor would reach each other in a safe, secure and anonymous approach. Offering easier access and control, without the hassle of waiting lists and appointments, for both sides. Furthermore, they offer the service of being able to interpret the 'medical language' that many patients may find difficult to understand to something that would help them understand their condition / situation.

Find out for yourself what Clinishare could provide

Click on the video to find out the revolutionary plans that Andrew and his team are so passionate about and how they think it will help provide an easier, quicker way while at the same time professional, for patients to communicate with their medical professionals.