Breaking Out Of The Cocoon

Who was the client?

Being contacted by a young woman through a media forum page, a page where filmmakers and artists answer questions, help out and collaborate.
The young woman, a Zambian YouTuber residing in Northern Ireland named Aquinatta Amulomba, approached saying she was looking to branch out with her media and that was through the introduction of her photography and although the project wasn't finalised / finished, it was more the prototypes that helped her get an idea of what she wanted.

What was needed?

Like all businesses / people setting out under a production name, a logo is needed to help identify who you are and what you do.
Therefore, Aquinatta Amulomba was in need of a logo to match the title of her newly formed business, which is Cacoon Photography, it was obvious what the logo was going to include.
Cacoon Photography (intentionally spelt that way, as the 'A' stands for Aquinatta) was to present a Cocoon with a Caterpillar and a Butterfly.

The Logo Prototypes

As already stated, the logo was to include a caterpillar, a cocoon and a butterfly and although there wasn't more instruction of what way it should be presented, the prototypes were underway.
This project turned out to be quite similar to the process of the first client job ever had which was the Bounceback Programme designed for Pips Charity, as it too involved a Butterfly.

By providing a lot of quick, rough designs to see what logo was close to Aquinatta's vision, she finally chose what was on the right path.
By revamping the chosen prototype a couple of times, there was a sense of comfort on what the logo was to be presented like.

However, the project, while going strong, was unfinished due to personal reasons from the client's side. On the other hand, the designs were enough to show as examples of logo design work.