Presenting Awareness To A Young Audience

Who was the client?

Pips Charity (Public Initiative for Prevention of Suicide and Self Harm), the first ever client to have worked with, delivers a crisis support service, for individuals who are in need of Suicide Prevention services or Bereavement support.
With a staggering and shocking rate of suicides within the UK, it is obviously a very serious issue that needs to be addressed and taken action on. Pips Charity, along with a few other organisations and groups have stepped forward to offer incredible support for those in need in Northern Ireland.

What was the project?

As this was the first ever client project, it was a project taken as part of an undergraduate course in final year as a group project through the organisation 'The Science Shop' and what was discussed between PIPs, The Science Shop and the group of three students (including myself).
The project was designing a fully operational suicidal awareness programme to be directed at a younger audience, children and teenagers.

The Tasks

  • In developing the programme, it was to consist of a logo, a website, business cards, stationary products, an emergency video and pictures / photography images for the website.
    The work was distributed amongst the group, the roles taken included:

    Logo Design

    Photography / Pictures

    The Emergency Video ( along with one of the other students )

The Logo Design Process

With no real direction on where to go with the logo, other than to make it appealing to the younger audience, free reign was given to designing the logo.
By sketching out logo ideas quickly of what could appeal to the younger audience, it became quite a challenge, as the logo was to be a symbol for something  very serious and dark, but to be presented as a fun piece of artwork.
However, when flicking through the programmes and leaflets provided by PIPs, an image of a butterfly was presented and it was enough to give ideas for the newly developed logo prototypes.

As Bounceback is a programme to be presented under PIPs, it was decided to use the colours that exist in the PIPs logo, in the newly formed children's logo.
Not only are the colours remaining the same, but also the style, the new logo was not to stray too far from the PIPs logo look.
As can be seen, the logo of the butterfly does not exactly look like a normal butterfly, as the wings appear more like hands, which is what they are to represent. A butterfly represents new beginnings, a new life and the hands open are to welcome the person.

The Photographs

The pictures / photographs were to be presented as a somewhat promotional / advertising product on the site for the visitors, with people and certain objects as the subjects that provide a subliminal message to the viewer, that can be interpreted in many ways in relation to the issue.