A Guide To Help Find Your Partner Safely.

Dating Sites : Both Good and Bad.

A safety officer by the name of Vidette Humphries had expressed some concerns that the expanding universe of online dating currently possess.
Dating sites are proving to be very popular with their high client list and while there are many users who are satisfied or safe on their online dating, there are those who find themselves in a variety of unknown places, homes, difficult situations and interacting with potentially dangerous / persistent people.

Who is the client? What was the project?

The video presented below, ‘The Online Dating Safety Video with Vidette Humphries’ shows the highlights of the project that included the involvement of Crystal Ghost Productions. This video includes quality advice and safety techniques that Vidette Humphries herself have learned through training personal safety in the commercial sector.
The project highlights the dangers of Online Dating and the safety precautions that should be carried out if things get out of hand.

A Safety Video with a Story

Along with the safety tips and lessons provided by Vidette herself, a mini short narrative was presented throughout to break up the overfeeding of the information and also to give an insight on what could happen and how to handle the situation.

The story follows a young innocent girl who meets up with a match on the Dating App 'Heart Stuck', but slowly becomes concerned that her match might not be the gentleman that she made him out to be.

The Actors

The Actors were brought in to portray the characters that were in the scenarios and advice presented by Vidette. The character of the innocent victim was played by Aimee McGoldrick, along with Simon Alexander as the shady, untrustworthy match on Heart Struck.
The role of the concerned friend was portrayed by fellow co-founder of Crystal Ghost Productions, Wayne McNamee. 

Animated Infographics

The narrative wasn't the only contribution to get Vidette's message across, animated info-graphics were also included as a picture says a 1000 words to the viewer. Animating alongside Vidette, the animation is able to keep up in time and in relevance to what Vidette is saying.

Props Used for the Narrative

The Heart Struck Dating Mobile App

Like the other projects involving props, these ones were to be fake and as these consisted of a fake dating site and mobile app, it helped avoid using real sites that would have caused copyright infringement.
The app was created through graphic design and with the assistance of a good friend, it was then converted into a functional working mobile app.
The Heart Struck Dating Website

Like all online dating companies, there is always a website and it was obvious that the actress was going to have to sign up to the dating site. Therefore, the creation of the Heart Struck Site was included in the project. As only the homepage needed to be shown, it had to look similar to the other dating site, a picture of a couple, with reviews at the bottom and a sign up form for the user to put their details in. 

Check Out The Safety Video

Checkout the safety tips, pros and cons of online dating from the Safety Officer Vidette Humphries, accompanied by a short mini-narrative following a victim of dangerous online dating and animated graphics to help explain the message that Vidette is putting across.