Promoting Relaxing Treatments With Anam Therapies

What is Anam Therapies?

Anam Therapies is a small business specialising in the art of auyervedic healing and massage.
From Indian head massage to deep full body massage to Reiki Healing, this business has alot to offer, to ensure the well being of the customer.
The business, currently set up and run by family members became certified in the training and art of ayurvedic healing.


What is Anam Therapies looking for?

Anam Therapies are at a starting point and like most businesses starting off, they require;
A business logo, a website, business cards, stationary design, roller banners and a video.
It is important to make sure that the designs are 100% agreed on across all of the platforms, so as to make sure that the style remains consistent. The project is currently in the process, so everything presented are not final.

The Logo

The Logo became an interesting challenge, as personally speaking, there can be a limit to what to create for a business like this, depending on what the client is wanting in the logo.
As the business focuses on the art of massaging, it was clear that the client were interested in a logo that portrayed a sense of touch.

The Idea of the Hand

The Hand (s) are obviously the body parts that are mostly associated with the sense of touch. Automatically, the hands were discussed first as the face of the logo and no matter what, the logo must have a Celtic Spiral in it.
While many prototypes were created for a hand image, it was too similar to the logos of other businesses, as many other business owners in the same area of work too instantly think about the hand (s) as they are pretty much the essential
tool (s) in this line of work.

Logo Prototypes

As the clients are adamant that the logo should be reflecting on hands and 100% have a Celtic Spiral in it, they were willing to hear and see suggestions provided with rough drafts / examples of logos.
As can be seen from the images, there has been a recurring symbol of a water droplet shape.
The reason for this being is that massage treatments and ayeurvedic healing often require the use of relaxing and therapeutic oils.
The Oils, often consisted of scents and herbs are essential and key to providing the relaxation and therapy to the customer, not just the hands.

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