The Man Behind The Lyrics

Who is Anthony Toner?

Anthony Toner, a singer songwriter from Coleraine, Northern Ireland, living in Belfast, famed for his gentle melodic singing and his fascinating, heartwarming humorous stories between songs.
Being one of Northern Ireland’s most popular live acts, he travels the region along with the rest of the UK, performing at packed out venues.
Along with performing music, he also likes to revisit his art skills and present painting and sketches to contribute to his storytelling.


What was the Project?

Having been contacted by recurring fellow collaborator ‘Do A Flip Productions’, a video project was in motion for an intimate evening concert with Toner himself.
The live video performance took place at the sold out venue ‘The Flowerfield Centre.’


With a wide range of albums under his belt, Toner have performed many songs over the years and uses his gigs to revisit and share very touching and thoughtful stories related to the songs would put a constant smile on the audience’s faces.

Two songs that Toner himself felt that the filming needed to focus on was ‘An Alphabet’ and ‘An Apology.’ Two songs that were very personal for him which of course he shared to the audience.



' An Alphabet '

‘An Alphabet’, first presented on the album ‘Ink’, is a gentle, melodious piece that reflects on the story and the things important in Toner’s life and the people around him, most recently his father who sadly faces Alzheimer’s and this is a very special song for the singer songwriter to share with the world.

' Apology '

The second video that was requested by Toner, was of a performance of another song dear to him, ‘Apology.’ A song from most recent album ‘Our Lady Of The Wind and Rain.’