Bienvenue dans le cercle

Bienvenue à la Cercle français de Belfast

The Cercle Français de Belfast is one of a number of French clubs supported by the Alliance Française de Londres. The members associated with this club, like the rest, are people who have a keen interest in all things French and comprise both francophones and francophiles. Generally they meet nine or ten occasions during the year between September and June. On each occasion, either a member or an outside speaker would provide a talk / lecture on a French topic / person / delicacy or even a piece of French history for the members to learn and enjoy.

What was discussed and requested?

The Cercle had a very specific format for many years for their programmes and logo, which was agreed by all, appeared outdated. While the group appeals mostly to the middle-aged / senior audience, the Cercle felt that they should reach out and try to draw in the interests of a younger crowd to join the other age groups.
In order to do that, they had to consider some sort of a change that would catch the eyes of students / young adults, who are working on studies / or even have an interest in subjects related to the French culture.

The Logo

For many years, the logo was actually a circle, for obvious reasons, with the text presented in red, white and blue, which of course is to represent the colours of the French flag. When designing the logo, it was requested to have the colours kept in, but with the rest, they allowed free reign.
As the club is named 'Cercle français de Belfast', it was very easy to come up with ideas as each word that can depict a picture / icon.
When thinking of the country France, the first images that most people would generally think of would be the French flag, the Eiffel Tower in the city of Paris and French food like hot buttered Croissants. These are typical iconic representations that France is known for.
For the logo, it seemed like a no-brainer to include the French flag and the Eiffel Tower on a silhouette of the Belfast City Hall.

Programme d'activitiés

Along with the designing of the logo, a revamp was needed for the 'programme d'activitiés' (the programme of activities).
Leaflets / programmes are, in one's own opinion, very crucial like the logo to get your business/group to look good and professional. The old programme, presented in a style similar to a Microsoft Word document, looks professionally clean and readable.

The Original Programme Design

Having originally presented the newly developed flyer in Black, certain members of the group's committee felt, while it looked professionally crisp and the text stood out nicely, it would have caused problems in certain areas.

While the programmes were professionally printed and handed out in the introductory meeting, there are members who would not be able to receive a programme physically, however there would be a template digitally sent to all of the members so they have the option of printing it off at home for themselves or for others. Printing the original programmes within the household, would of course cause ink shortage problems and would probably become messy for certain members, depending on the model of their printer. 

The programme was to be presented as a trifold with as much information as possible. With a Trifold leaflet, it can easily look very cramped. As there is such a thing as too much information / information overload, infographics really helped on this, providing more text space. The text that greatly needed the space was the information about the individual lectures / meetings and their dates throughout the year. The rest of the information consisted of location, times and membership details, which the infographic designs explained, as can be seen in the images provided. 

The New Design

Having removed the black background from the original design and alternating the details to suit the newly fresh white background, it still looks distinct, sleek, crisp and clear. Better yet, less print work for those with printers at home. 

The Membership Card

Like most clubs / retail shops / events, there are always prized possessions of customers and that is the membership / loyalty card.
The newly crafted logo presented the opportunity to design a sleek, professional looking membership card, something to differentiate the members from the walk ins.

Roller Banner

In addition to the logo, the programmes and the membership cards, the development of a roller banner was also crucial. Other than presenting their banner at their regular lectures and meetups, the banner was also made for the members to take to their exterior events throughout the year, to attract the attention of the public.