Exploring The Four Corners Of The Earth

What Is Our Planet Week?

'Our Planet Week' is an event that started in the year 2020, hosted and created by a group of artists, following the damaging events of the world in 2019 affected by Climate Change such as the Amazon fires and the Australian Fires.
The event was an art challenge which took place over a week in February, focusing on the beauty and importance of our planet.


Very much like the art challenges such as 'Inktober' or 'Huevember', the artists taking on the challenge were presented by words/themes/prompts that they must present within their own artwork.
For this challenge, a total of 5 prompts were presented and artists all over the world took them by storm.

What made the challenge that extra bit exciting and a bit of a gamechanger was that it supported the 'One Tree Planted Initiative', a 501(c)(3) nonprofit group focusing on global reforestation.
On Instagram, for every post that was created by an artist, tagging this group, the initiative would be planting a tree.

The 5 Prompts presented for Our Planet Week 2020 are as followed:

1) 'Fauna and Flora'
2) 'Unite'
3) 'Harmony'
4) 'Mother Nature'
5) 'Future'

Bonus: 'Love For Earth'

An extra prompt was presented on 'Earth Day' by the artists behind Our Planet Week.

' Fauna and Flora '

First up, 'Fauna and Flora', there are so many ways to present this starting prompt, whether it be in the forest, jungle, mountain, etc. Personally, life underwater is what really came to mind as it is one of the things massively at risk, due to pollution and increased temperatures. This was pointing at light on the coral reef and the underwater creatures that live there.

' Unite '

What better way to present an image of Unity than a group of people, no matter what age, race or sexuality, fighting together to support and nuture the very planet that they live in with hidden beautiful and jawdropping secrets and wonder.

' Harmony '

Due to busy work life or man-made entertainment, it has become apparent that people of this earth take things for granted, and through this many have become blind to the simple beautiful things that nature has to show us.  In this case, bird singing is one of the most unsual but calming things to listen to personally. It's great to hear them sing to each other in harmony.

' Mother Nature '

Mother Nature, a comforting and pleasant concept believed to be dated back to ancient Greece presented as the Greek Goddess 'Gaia' who gave birth to nature and still to this day presented as a caring, loving creator to the things around us. What better way to show Mother Nature than to show her loving and caring animals from different corners of the word that face the risk of extinction.

' Future '

It's hard to know what the Future will bring, especially depending on the outcome of our actions toward Climate Change. With the threat of melting polar ice caps and artic pollution caused by global warming and oil drilling, many wild animals were either killed or forced to leave their habitat. This artwork is to think about the future of that particular wildlife, which hopefully will see the return of the animals to a problem free, peaceful home.

' Love For Earth '

This bonus prompt was presented on 'Earth Day' as an extra challenge for both returning and new artists alike to take on. With a worldwide love and obsession for Red Pandas at the moment, it was decided to take such a well-loved animal and present its love for the earth, to symbolically show that we must take care of the things that we love.