Workshop, Projects, Cameras and Hanging Out With The Legend Of DSLR Filmmaking

Who is Philip Bloom?

Philip Bloom is not just any old filmmaker, he is considered as one of the top DSLR / Camera legends. By conducting review videos and making pieces of art through the medium of film online, he provides insight to each new camera product at the best of its capabilities. By doing so, both aspiring and professional filmmakers from all over the globe can research before obtaining their next / new camera.

As a recurring guest in the successful camera film magazine Digital Filmmaker he is often interviewed about his latest work and the cameras that he loves to work with.
Having worked for the likes of the BBC and Sky he has incredible knowledge that he shares to other filmmakers who are currently out / starting out on their journey in film and television.

What was the project with Philip Bloom?

Having been contacted by an old lecturer / course director from an undergraduate course in Ulster University in Coleraine, an opportunity was presented to attend a 2 day workshop with none other than Philip Bloom.
The workshop created by Honeycomb Creative Works, consisted of past projects worked on by Bloom, trying out the latest equipment and most importantly carrying out a task that Bloom himself set out for the individual filmmakers in attendance.

The Task

The main part of the workshop, as already mentioned was a special task set by Bloom himself.
The task was to create a 30 second narrative about an object. A strange task, however when explained that if you can tell a story about an object, then you can film anything, it is not always about heroes, villains or general characters etc. It was a very interesting, enjoyable and an eye-opening experience.

The Photobooth
(30 Second Narrative Challenge)

As it can be guessed from the sub-heading that the chosen object in this task was a photobooth.
There were many objects throughout the whole university campus, but it was a photobooth hidden away in a corner of the Student's Union that caught the eye. As a somewhat frugal filmmaker, with a Canon 550D and some vintage prime lenses, work began inside the tiny cramped photobooth.
Bloom became very interested in the choice of the Photobooth and was pleased to see a budget was provided for the film which was £2 (that was paid towards the development of the photograph) which he later discussed to the workshop as an example of setting low budget projects.

Reviewing the task projects

As the task was set for each filmmaker in attendance, there was a screening of all of the projects handed in. Each project would be screened, discussed and reviewed.
It was fantastic to see the different styles and objects that the filmmakers possessed and chose. It was interesting to hear why each one chose what they chose and why they presented it that way.
Unfortunately and understandably, Bloom is a tough critic, however for obvious reasons, it helps shift away from areas that may hold a filmmaker back or try and offer suggestions to the camera work that would enhance the effect.


Incredulously, the Photobooth was very well-received as certain shots and the buildup of the narrative and the sort of twist at the end was enough for Bloom to be impressed by.
Furthermore, the extra Prop added in, which the budget covered was even commented postively on saying that its a picture worth framing as art.
Obviously pleased by the positive reception of the piece, it was later used as an homage of sorts which a fellow filmmaker (who also attended) suggested to put it in at a later filmmaking event Cinemasports for a film entitled 'Wanted For Murder'.
The workshop was such a memorable experience and also inspired to create more extremely short narratives.

Check Out The Video

Everybody always makes sure that they look good for the picture being taken. However, sometimes the pictures are not coming out the way you expect them to. Here is a short narrative, building up the suspense on what the man looks like, whilst he is in the Photobooth.