Drawing The Faces Of The World.

The Idea Behind 'Faces In Public Spaces'

'Faces in Public Spaces' is a rather intense, studious work series, which involve the act of people watching.
Many artists / creators often discuss about getting their ideas and inspiration from looking around at their surroundings in public.
Buildings, landscapes, animals and humans, they often pick out what stands out to them, whatever catches their eye.
Either with a tablet or a small sketchbook handy, the stylus / pencil is ready to capture the 'Faces in Public Spaces.'

Why Create This Project?

People watching, personally, is a very interesting behaviour to do. Quite often do questions pop up about certain individuals at specific times. Questions like 'What are they thinking about?', 'Where are they going?', 'What are they doing?' etc. As we are all, most of the time, strangers, it is easy to notice how mysterious and secret we are to each other's eyes.
Most of the time, we all at some stage, become oblivious to our surroundings, whether it is something that is on our minds, daydreaming or looking on our phones, we miss everything that is going on around us. This project is a chance to explore the surroundings and study the world that we often and sub-conciously ignore or are made unaware of.

The Style

The work series are not complete perfect representation of the people that were studied, but more cariciature like, exaggeratedly cartoonish, the only thing that is taken from them is their persona, behaviour, style, attitude and body form etc.

The Bus Stop

The first image, as can be seen, presents a crowd of people at a bus stop. The bus stop, which is quite the popular shelter, first thing in the morning, full of people waiting for buses to take them in to the city / area where they work.
When driving on a busy road to work myself, a mental note is taken when driving and when parked, a book / notepad is taken out to make notes of what was memorable and stood out from that crowd. This image depicts people that stood out / seen over the course of four days.

The Underground Guitar Man

Underground railways, it is impossible not to see a busker / musician performing to the passersby.
Quite often, in opinion, that musicians these days often get ignored or don't get the attention that they deserve. Most often, the case is that the intended audience is either in a rush or focusing on their thoughts / problems.
However, in this case, on a holiday in Berlin, the musician portrayed in this image held one's attention that was not affected by time or problems.

The Man With The Brightly Coloured Scarf

When using the transport during the morning or evenings during rush hour, there are often massive hoards of people bustling and waiting for the bus or train, to get them to or from work. Normally in Northern Ireland, Belfast to be precise, the weather is often dull and grey and because of that, it adds a bit of a miserable look and in opinion, the weather affects the people's moods and feelings.

The Vacay Family

Holidays are times when you come across very unusual people that stand out from the crowd, quite often tourists. In this case, it was a group of people. A Big Family. In this moment, standing on the side of a street in a small village in Italy, Savona, the eyes rested opposite upon a rather intense and obscure moment of a silent big family. All of them wearing sunshades and looking over at the eyes that were watching them, not saying anything. This particular moment gave a rather un-nerving feeling as they all gave the impression that they were security guards or assassins.