Travelling Whilst In Lockdown

What is Bon Voyage Week?

'Bon Voyage Week' is an annual event starting off in the year 2019, hosted and created by the same creators of 'Our Planet Week.'
The annual event is an art challenge which takes place over a week in May, focusing on travel adventures.


Very much like the art challenges such as 'Inktober' or 'Huevember', the artists taking on the challenge were presented by words/themes/prompts that they must present within their own artwork.
For this challenge, a total of 7 prompts were presented and artists all over the world took part in the fun.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of the Covid-19 outbreak that took place throughout this period, many artists under lockdown had the sheer delight of revisiting old memories or venturing into their imagination of travel. There were all kinds of artwork, presented through different mediums of travel.

The following 7 prompts were:

1) Dream Destination
2) Travelling Companion
3) Cultural Cuisine
4) Urban Explorer
5) Hidden Gems
6) In All Weather
7) Into The Wild


Day 1

Prompt :
  Dream Destination

Bon Voyage Week starts . . .

New Orleans in Louisiana is a city that I would LOVE to go to.
The spicy, tasty cuisine, the vibrant music scene and its festive Mardi Gras spirit, some day I will get there.


Day 2

: Travelling Companion

Have been to a good number of places and will be going to a lot more with my partner Becky Duff

Here is a drawing of us in an adventure in Berlin, Germany

Day 3


Prompt :  Cultural Cuisine

My favourite food to eat is Indian Food and when travelling all around India, I had the pleasure of eating all kinds of delicious and elegantly spicy dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 4

Prompt :
Urban Explorer

The one thing I love about exploring in certain urban locations like Shanghai, Paris and New York is the massive abundance of lights and advertising displays that blur into each other to give such vibrant colours.
A place that I would love to see more of that kind of thing would be Tokyo city.

Day 5

Prompt :  Hidden Gems

Wildlife and beautiful landscapes grab my attention a lot.
One of the places I think has hidden gems is Namibia in Southwest Africa with their diverse wildlife including the cheetah species and the breathtaking Deadvlei (The Scorched Tree Skeletons of the Namib Desert)


Day 6

Prompt :
  In All Weather

A lot of places look great in any weather. However, what catches my attention are the places with colourful houses. An example would be Bergen, Norway, even if the weather is miserable, it doesn’t lose its colourful, vibrant charm.


Day 7

Prompt :
  Into The Wild

Lastly for the final day of Bon Voyage Week is to present Alaska, a place that I had dreamed of going to after seeing my favourite movie and book of all time ‘Into The Wild’ (2007), so this is an homage to the film and the story of Christopher McCandless a.k.a. Alexander Supertramp.