The Unfortunate Life Of The Body

What Is The Work Series About ?

The work series 'Body Art (Of A Different Kind)' of course (as seen from the title) is not going to involve the body with paint, however, it presents certain body parts / organs in quite humorous and terrifying situations. With creative films such as 'Inside Out' (2016) and 'Inner Workings' , it is fun to present the body in a fun and somewhat relatable way, by providing almost believable characters that makes us think are there little tiny workers inside each and every one of us.
Body Art (Of A Different Kind) delves in to that fun and characteristic pool. The characters are presented in funny, awkward or even scary situations, almost like a comic.


Why Create This Work Series ?

This illustrative series consists of unusual presentations of the human body. A human of course, is made up of all kinds of body parts, both inside and out. Hands, legs, brain, stomach and nails etc, there are so many parts that are needed to function through everyday life. However, we as human beings often take these parts for granted, if we are not careful we can cause serious damage /stress to them, both mentally and physically. There are feelings like pain, stress and pleasure that we can register and notice, however, there are those that slip by unnoticed and its not until later on down the line we notice and face severe consequences. This is often caused by how a person eats, sleeps, work, workout or even move. Each image is an image that is presented humorously, while at the same time presenting the harsh realities that bodies go through, this is achieved by presenting a body part / harmful subjects to the body in a characteristic approach.


'Overload Eating'

Generally, so much food is processed through the stomach in a life-time, it never quite seems to rest. Quiet periods of time sure, however it is always grumbling, digesting or emptying, it is always on the go. As it generally deals with food, it seemed to be an idea to show the stomach feeling full, the way we do after consuming a lot of food, hence the humourous depiction of the stomach feeling bloated and sick.

'You Can't Handle the Tooth'

This image which is understandably linked to tooth decay presents a sinister way of how teeth (that are often parts of the body that contribute to presenting beauty) are broken down, rotting away, losing their attractiveness and bring about pain. 
Dentists very often state that sweets, chocolate and other junk food are bad for your teeth, it produces / feeds bacteria on them that eat and corrode the surface. 
Obviously with this description, there is a bit of a zombie-like vibe about that process, hence presenting the chocolate bar as a zombie like creature carrying this harmful bacteria.

' Killing Me Not So Softly With Alcohol'

The liver, along with the brain is often havily abused / affected by alcohol, whether it is wine, beer, spirits or shots, the liver consumes all of the toxic poison in the 'delicious' drinks. As its function and its process involves cleansing the liquid substance, this image pokes a little bit of humour while at the same time sadness. It depicts the liver in an intoxicated state (very much the way certain humans would be) As the liver cleanses a lot of the poison that would affect the body, it was understandably presented as something that is addicted or slowly drinking itself to damages. A recurring problem today, many people suffer from liver failure due to alcohol abuse and here is a demonstration of what the liver would look like in a characteristic approach.

'Heart Has Fallen In Love'

Fast Food. Sweets. Chocolate. Greasy Fries. Our bodies often like a good unhealthy day just as a treat or when having a bad day. However, there are those who consume more of the unhealthy food than normal and often heard being linked to diabetes, heart failures, weight overload and cancer etc. This image tackles the issues of unhealthy, addictive and fattening food. 
As the heart condition is one of the main parts of the body to be at risk / to be affected, it is in the integral focus for the image. The heart loves eating addictive and unhealthy food, here it is consuming a portion of nice warm, salty, golden fries.