Portraits Of The Wild and Endangered

What is the topic / subject of the series?

As it may appear throughout this site, Wildlife plays a big interest and is incredibly engaging to watch.
Unlike the rest of the Wildlife themed work, which are mostly animated / illustrations, these are produced under the category of photography.
Wildlife or life in general is personally one of the top subjects favoured to capture and with this series, it was very enjoyable to capture the poses that these majestic creatures were able to provide for the lens of the camera.


With a DSLR camera, generally the sound of the shutter attracts the animal's attention and from the numerous pictures that were taken, the best ones, of course, were picked out.
These pictures are taken in various Zoological gardens, aquariums, sanctuaries and even wildlife itself. The poses that the presented animals take on, really does raise the question;
'What are they thinking about at this exact moment?'
From big cats to the most exotic, tropical birds, there are all kinds of animals to see.

As an enthusiast of nature programmes and wildlife since the very early stages of childhood, it was almost impossible to be bored by Wildlife as every single moment that was spent watching a creature, was fascinating as its something that is not normally seen, as we humans are so pre-occupied with our own existence, it is easy to overlook certain things.
When taking a picture or footage of a creature in the wild / safari / Zoological garden, it is often said that patience is mightily important to grab the picture that you desire. As said earlier, watching a creature can go on for hours and as an ethusiast of animation, which also requires patience, helps with this.