Imaginations Have Escaped Into Reality

Every now and again there would be certain individuals who would say 'I wish I had magical powers', 'Why can't that be real?' or 'If I had that, I would do this and that.'
These are often associated with fictional sources or things that people would know that they could never have. In terms of reality, that would often be the case.

However, virtually, anything is possible.

Personally speaking, dreams come true in this photography series, all through a little creative software called 'Photoshop'.
Of course, as mentioned in the title, these are self-portraits, therefore they will consist of images of myself in fictional circumstances.

Horror, comedy and fantasy will be the centre themes within these images.


Magical Guitar

As established in the saxophone piece in 'The World in Black and White' series, music plays a big part in our lives. It [copy whatever]. However, as the art piece was a drawing, in regards to this image, as it is more realistic, it takes on the form of music synthesia (the ability to see colours of sound)
Something so rarely discussed or thought about, it is a cool and mesmerizing ability to have, hence the development of this image with an instrument so easily and universally recognized, the guitar.


The idea of this image had quite an unusual process. When visiting rescued seals in an aquarium, they were enjoyable to watch and learn about the survival and treatment programme that they were undergoing, so that they can be released back into the wild. It was fascinating and therefore, including an adorable seal or two was needed in the next image of the series.
The idea of putting them into a bath actually came from the aquarium itself, as they really enjoyed being washed by the staff. However, seals in the bathtub was great, yet it did not seem fully completed. Having visited a nature department in the local museum, there were animals there also waiting to receive a bath.

Reading A Crime Novel

Getting lost in the worlds presented in books, is a fairly common thing for readers everywhere, their imagination run wild and they live inside the book. For this image, it seemed like a fun idea to not throw the reader into the book, but rather transport the story to reality. Therefore, it follows the theme work of the series 'imaginations escaping to reality', this image presents a humorous approach to reading a crime novel. A certain genre of book that may not be the magical thing that you want coming to reality, as can be seen very clearly in the image.

There Is A Spider

Spiders. One of the most feared creatures in existence today, the deadliest in the insect kingdom. They cause shudders, tingles and itchiness when seen by humans. Arachnophobia, probably one of the most common and strongest phobias to exist. That is a lot of power for Spiders to have. Once again, under the theme of black humour , the image depicts a normal, instinctive reaction when seeing a spider. As spiders are often a murder target / victim, almost straight away either by a shoe or a newspaper etc.
While spiders don't normally cause harm, they are often being killed unexpectedly, hence why this image is presented to show Spiders can have their revenge.






Watching The Sky

The Sky. One of the most mind-boggling, interesting and beautiful things to look at / study on the planet that we call earth. It surprises us with the weather and the sudden daylight change, then at night-time, it is nature's very own cinema, with all of us watching the stars and the moon.
As the wondrous sky is a part of reality, there is not much to show in terms of imagination, this is deliberately presented as this form of reality is just as beautiful, mysterious and majestic as the imaginative mind.

Testing Out Newly Developed Magic Skills

Magic. Its safe to say that nearly everyone wants some form of magical powers or experiencing something in a fantasy sense. Personally, in opinion, there is always a desire for something magical, hence the delivery of a soothing and magical portrait.
The vast surrounding of black shadows was to help keep the attention on the magic, without any distractions, as well as symbolically lighting up the darkness with comforting magic.

Lovely Day For A Barbeque

The first image to kick off the whole 'True Portraits (Kind Of)' series.
Roughly around the early ideas process of 'The Power of Disgust'series, this image was originally an experimentation piece which now has become a piece on its own for this particular collection exploring the fantasy / fictional circumstances in reality.
The experimentation was, of course, converting myself into a zombie (who doesn't want to present themselves as one?) in which developing a habit of self-eating / self-cooking.

Having Lunch With A Reaper

As most of the portfolio work carry out certain black humour themes or topics that are related to death and horror, it is a style with a lot of interest in it. 
As seen in the image, a death reaper plays a big part in the overall image achieving its beach body for the summer. The overall aim for the image was to make the death reaper feel like it is one of the human species , taking on the traits, such as posting a picture of a meal on social media and eating with others.

Battle With A Dragon

What was enjoyable about this series, was not only being able to combine different photos altogether, but also drawings and in this particular piece, the image relies very heavily on a drawing. Very simply, what cannot be captured in a photo, can be created in a drawing and in this case, a dragon is created. While a drawing and a photo can in a way clash together, it was important to give the overall image and illustrative look, to help blend the two separate components. Why draw a dragon? Personally, a dragon is a very challenging creature to draw, its pose and its abundance of scales, along with smoke, quite a lot of details to be put in.
However, not only to take on a challenge but fighting a deadly, bloodthirsty creature, the owner of skies and land, is always intense and heroic in the stories presented in myths, legends and fantasy.